Improving education for all Virginia’s students

Leah Walker is tackling structural problems that hold back students and teachers across the state

Leah Walker, director of equity and community engagement for the Virginia Department of Education

Leah Walker (M.P.A.’01/GPA) brings a point of view that is rooted in social justice, fairness, equity and a sense of what is the responsibility of the government to the Virginia Department of Education. With her background in public policy, she says her role is to provide an “expert understanding of how government works and what the levers are within government to impact change at different levels.” Read more.

Entertainment powered by alumni producer

Jennifer Osaki at In-N-Out Burger restaurant eating a french fry.

Jennifer Osaki (B.F.A.’17/A) is a New York-based video producer for Thrillist, an online media website covering food, drink, travel and entertainment. She recently took over the VCU Alumni Instagram account to show us the latest trends and stories from around the world. Read more.

A passion for public safety

Fire captain Michael Roth built a groundbreaking team that uses drones to help first responders do their job more effectively — and safely

Michael Roth trains fellow public safety members with unmanned aircraft systems.

Michael Roth (B.S.’15/N) built a groundbreaking team that uses drones to assist public safety efforts such as search and rescue missions. Now a captain in the Henrico County fire department, Roth combines a devotion to firefighting with openness to new technologies and an abiding interest in medicine. Read more.