Preparing students for a healthy start to medical school

Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D. (M.D.'79/M; H.S.'82/M), talks about how orientation for medical school has changed in the 40 years since she was a student

Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D., sits with five medical students.

In her 24 years of working in medical school admissions, Whitehurst-Cook has led a shift to approach medical school orientation in a more holistic way. Now, orientation is a two-week experience that focuses on character building and student wellness. “We want students to have a healthy start to medical school and we hope it affirms why they choose to become a medical doctor,” Whitehurst-Cook said. Read more.

Welcome to the City

Network with the VCU community in your area

A graphic for Welcome to the City invites alumni to find new connections in their communities.

Whether you’re new to your area or have lived there for years, Welcome to the City events connect you to your local VCU community and strengthen your ties to your alma mater. Read more.

Identity invention

Ravon Ruffin has enjoyed an impressive start to her career as a member of the founding social media engagement team for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Ravon Ruffin poses for a professional photo.

Ravon Ruffin (B.S.’13/WS) started with the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture’s social media engagement team just as the institution was preparing to open its doors in 2016. She enjoyed a unique opportunity to shape public perception of a major new museum and helped to build its social media presence from the ground up. Read more.

A path for future Rams

How one alumni couple’s VCU story grew into a lifetime of involvement with the university


Portraits show Corrine Rowlette (left) and Tony Rowlette (right).

Tony (B.S.’79/H&S; B.S.’82/P) and Corrine (B.S.’80/H&S) Rowlette recall their meeting vividly, though they didn’t say a word to each other at the time. From there, their relationship grew beyond first impressions. The couple became deeply involved in helping to build the African-American Alumni Council, and Tony went on to become the third president. Read more.