Red Eye Cookie Co. delivers late-night sugar rush

Brayden Pleasants (B.S.’13/B) craved sweets during his late-night study sessions as an undergraduate at Virginia Commonwealth University. But unless he had a candy bar or stash of cookies tucked away, he couldn’t get his sugar fix. Pleasants, a business major, recognized a potential market and, in March 2014, opened the late-night cookie delivery service Red Eye Cookie Co. to satisfy the sweet-tooth cravings of other night owls in Richmond. Continue reading

Alumni give thanks for VCU professors

iheartAlumni responded enthusiastically to a post on Facebook in the spirit of Thanksgiving. VCU Alumni asked, “Is there a VCU professor you are thankful for?”

Kadie Chandler: Saladino. His blank map and making us name every single country has been more help in life (and my career) than I ever would have thought when I said “like I’m ever going to use this”

Tricia Lomax: Dr. Darcy Mays. I never would have passed statistics without him.
Pam Rogers Thompson: The late Dr. Richard Carlyon teaching Contemporary Artists and History. He had lived, created art, and experienced all he was teaching us about the modern abstract expressionists. It was fascinating!

Chase Bland: Dr. Ameen! He made physics extremely fun.

Du Kesha Dungee: Dr. Michah McCreary taught me Personality and Behavior of the African American and my life was forever changed. I’m forever inspired by his knowledge, passion, conviction and example.

KerriAnn Brouillard: Crosby Marvin Simms & Dr. Nora Alder.

R’achel Cuba: Governor Wilder and Professor Joe Cates had an amazing impact on my life. I am grateful for them!

Shannon Marie Carter: I am thankful for all the Spanish professors in The School of World Studies but the top two were Patricia Michelsen-King & Lulú Elenes . These two were always supportive and helpful in regards of my education and personal needs and I am forever thankful and appreciative. I will never forget these two.

Michelle Wang: Also…Dr. Walter Griggs just….rules

William Charles Moehl: Marianne Miller. Always my favorite professor, such an amazing asset to VCU Business school.

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H&S: Alumnus pursues career in foreign affairs

Nyok Gai

Gai Nyok

It’s a small world, and it’s getting even smaller. Careers in foreign affairs are becoming more important in the United States and abroad. Virginia Commonwealth University alumnus Gai Nyok (B.A.’10/H&S; B.S.’10/H&S) is determined to explore those careers – with a little help from some prestigious friends at the U.S. Department of State.

Nyok was recently chosen for the 2013 Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship, which will help him in his pursuit of a career in foreign affairs. The fellowship, funded by the State Department, provides fellows with up to $40,000 per academic year for a two-year, full-time master’s degree program. The fellows are required to participate in one domestic and one overseas internship during this time and are committed to three years of service as foreign officers after their completion of the program.

“I was born in South Sudan, and passed through Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya before coming to the U.S. in late 2001,” Nyok said. “In Kenya, I lived in a United Nations refugee camp with nearly 100,000 political refugees from neighboring East African countries.”

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