VCU will open Queer Research and Advocacy Center this summer

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VCU’s new Q Collective will provide support for LGBTQIA+ research, scholarship and advocacy. (Getty Images)

In a project that advocates say is decades in the making, Virginia Commonwealth University will establish the Queer Research and Advocacy Center, which will be known as the Q Collective, to serve as a creative and intellectual hub in support of LGBTQIA+ artistic and scholarly activities among faculty, staff, students and the Greater Richmond community.

The Q Collective, which will be operated through VCU’s Division for Inclusive Excellence, is scheduled to launch this summer. The center will stand out on the national higher education landscape as a rare effort to merge research, scholarship and advocacy to bring greater awareness to issues that affect LGBTQIA+ populations and communities.

“With the establishment of the Q Collective, VCU is creating a much-needed center to support LGBTQIA+ research, scholarship and advocacy,” said VCU President Michael Rao, Ph.D. “The center holds great potential to inform and serve the community. Work done by the Q Collective at VCU will extend beyond the university as it serves and promotes the human condition.”

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