Decency, fear and other lessons from Super Bowl LIII ads brought to you by VCU Brandcenter alumni

Four bottles spelling Coca Cola

Coca-Cola’s “Together is Beautiful” ad is a lighthearted approach on being a decent human being, said Nate Nowinowski, art director at Wieden+ Kennedy and a 2011 Brandcenter alumnus.

Marika Wiggan (M.S.’10/B) comes from a family of advertisers. But she’s the first to have an ad air during the Super Bowl.

In fact, last night’s game debuted Wiggan’s third career Super Bowl ad. The spot for SimpliSafe is the launching point for a larger campaign that Wiggan’s firm, Preacher, has developed for the home security company.

“The commercial’s bigger themes that we landed on was acknowledging the sheer amount of fear and anxiety that’s in the air and culture right now, and then looking at SimpliSafe and trying to offer up an alternative way of looking at the world,” said Wiggan, who graduated from VCU’s Brandcenter in 2010. “I think more than anything, what we were going for in this commercial is to be culturally relevant and sort of looking at the world at large and taking a point of view on whether or not that’s how we need to be living our lives.”

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