Massey doctors first in the world to use internal radiation implant to treat pancreatic cancer

The CivaSheet is a flat, flexible membrane that provides unidirectional radiation to the site of the tumor.

Doctors at VCU Massey Cancer Center are the first in the world to successfully implant a bio-absorbable, internal radiation device known as CivaSheet to treat early stage pancreatic cancer.

In March, a team of Massey experts led by Emma Fields, M.D. (Cert.’16/E), radiation oncologist; Brian Kaplan, M.D., surgical oncologist; and Dorin Todor, Ph.D., medical physicist, completed the procedure on 70-year-old William Grubbs Jr., of Varina, Virginia, and have reported no complications after six weeks.

Grubbs returned for a follow-up appointment with Kaplan more than one month after the seven-hour surgery, and said he felt no pain related to the implantation.

”If I wasn’t told the CivaSheet was there, I wouldn’t know it was inside me,” Grubbs said.

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