With power of big data, student’s startup aims to halt famine, food insecurity in Africa

Tatenda Ndambakuwa grew up in Zimbabwe, and vividly remembers the country’s food crisis in 2008 that left her and millions of others facing starvation. Now, Ndambakuwa, a junior double majoring in math and physics at Virginia Commonwealth University, is seeking to prevent future famines in Africa with the power of big data.

Ndambakuwa, a student in the College of Humanities and Sciences, is co-founder of a startup that is developing a mobile application to allow African farmers to upload data about their farm’s livestock and crop management, seed and feed access, milk production analysis, cattle pricing and other data points. The app will allow for real-time analyses of Africa’s food production system, allowing policymakers and others to make the system far more efficient.

“We hear about all these famines or food insecurity or places where there’s not just enough food, but Africa’s a continent where agriculture is the biggest revenue-generating industry,” Ndambakuwa said. “So why are we not producing enough food for the people? For those countries that are producing the food, why aren’t they sending it to those who need it the most?”

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