Brandcenter student earns highly sought international fellowship

Steven Ebert

Steven Ebert

Steven Ebert, who will receive his M.S. in May from the Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter in the School of Business, has been offered the 2016-2019 WPP Fellowship, a coveted three-year, postgraduate rotational program with the world’s largest communications services group.

The fellowship comprises three one-year rotations through WPP companies, with each rotation chosen on the basis of the individual’s interests and the group’s needs. Ebert, who is in the communications strategy track at the Brandcenter, will spend his first year at brand consultancy agency Added Value in New York City. Years two and three are to be determined, he said, but will likely be abroad.

A senior executive from WPP’s board will mentor Ebert. At the end of the fellowship, Ebert could have a permanent position with a WPP company.

“The fellowship is a dream come true, really,” Ebert said. “Beyond the professional development, I’m most excited for the mentorship that comes along with all of this.”


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