VCU physician, a diehard cycling fan, subs as race starter for the Worlds

Featured photo

VCU’s Lisa Brath, M.D., serves as a starter during the men’s under-23 individual time trial race Monday. Photo by Eric Futterman.

Lisa Brath, M.D. (H.S.’96/M), received what seemed like a random phone call at about 10:45 a.m. on Monday, but the call proved to be tailor-made just for her.

The caller was Alexa Warner (M.H.A.’14/AHP), associate director of marketing strategy for Virginia Commonwealth University Health, and she wanted to know what Brath was doing that morning. She had an opportunity for Brath related to the UCI Road World Championships, which would soon be starting its men’s under-23 individual time trial race.

“She says, ‘You want to come drop the flag before the race?’” said Brath, a VCU physician. “I said, ‘Really? Are you kidding? Yes!’”

And so, just 45 minutes later, as cyclist Sean MacKinnon of Canada waited poised on a raised partition on 3rd Street, Brath waved the white, UCI-labeled flag to signal the start of the men’s under-23 world championship race.

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