‘Art Doors’ challenge raises awareness of community organizations

A door designed by sculpture major Lindsay Parnell is perched in front of The Diamond.

In the past couple of weeks, freestanding doors have been popping up all over Richmond. At first glance they may appear to lead nowhere, but for the Virginia Commonwealth University community they could lead to free indoor cycling sessions.

The creators of Find Art Doors, a public art installation and quest, issued a special challenge to the VCU community: During the UCI bike races Sept. 19-27, wear VCU gear or colors, find the doors, take selfies with the doors and post to Instagram. Whoever posts the most Ram-centric selfies with the doors will win a five-class package for Boho Cycle Studio in the Museum District.

The art doors bring awareness of the missions of Virginia Supportive Housing and Art on Wheels. Professional and amateur artists, including several VCU alumni and students, participated.

The Richmond Flying Squirrels asked sculpture major Lindsay Parnell, daughter of Todd Parnell, the team’s COO, to design the door at The Diamond.

“I was super-stoked about the mission of the project,” she said. “I also liked the idea of my work being exhibited outside of the ballpark since I practically grew up in that setting. Virginia Supportive Housing and Art on Wheels are both amazing organizations in our community so it was a no-brainer to want to be a part of this. I also think it provides a great opportunity for people to explore Richmond by going to each venue or organization that has a door on display. The doors are now installed at museums, parks, historic sites and other landmarks around Richmond.”

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