RPI: Student and faculty art retrospective

1928-68 “Forty Years of Creative Excellence,” sponsored by the RPI Alumni Steering Committee.

Students and faculty of RPI, who attended or taught during the years of 1928 to 1968, are invited to submit works for review.

Paintings, sculpture, graphics and crafts created during those years, and more current works are invited. (Early and late contrast of artists’ work is of interest.)  Vitrines are also being provided so that we may exhibit literary magazines, illustrations and other memorabilia.

The alumni associations seek to create awareness of the far reach of Theresa Pollak and her faculty members whose students built successful careers as artists and teachers.  We are happy to provide a showcase for RPI artists and hope the exhibit  and events will create greater alumni community.

When: April 5- June 5, 2013
Where: The Richmond City Library, 101 East Franklin Street
We are invited to use all five rooms.  The top floor contains a permanent collection that already tips its hat to RPI.

The library will provide an opening reception on Friday, May 3 and is part of the First Friday’s Art Walk. During these eight weeks, there will be events within the galleries, including talks by artists and oral history sessions.

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