Half-million dollars in new scholarship endowments will benefit medical students

A pioneering woman and a grateful son. An otolaryngologist, an aunt, a businessman, a surgeon and a widow.

They are the individuals behind more than a half-dozen new
scholarship endowments in the VCU School of Medicine. Together worth more than
$500,000, the endowments will generate annual scholarship awards that
will benefit Virginia Commonwealth University students for the first time in the coming year.

While each reflects its donor’s interests in unique ways, the
scholarships have one unifying theme: each donor asked that the
scholarship be awarded to a student with demonstrated financial need.

“Medical schools across the country are grappling with how to help
their students avoid taking on too much debt,” said Dr. Isaac Wood (M.D.’82/M; H.S.’86/M),
senior associate dean for medical education and student affairs. “Our
school has adopted a two-pronged approach. In a first step, Dean Jerry
Strauss is holding the line on tuition increases. Secondly, we are
doing our best to increase the scholarships and financial aid available
to students. We’re very grateful to these seven friends who have
partnered with us to do just that.”

The medical school encourages named scholarships to be created with
a gift of $25,000 or more. Below this amount, donors can direct
support to any of the school’s established scholarships or to the Annual
Fund, which supports student scholarships. Today, 70 endowed
scholarship funds, valued at $10.4 million, benefit students in the
medical school. Housed at the MCV Foundation, scholarship endowments
produce an annual award of about four percent to five percent of the fund’s

More information about creating scholarships in the medical school is available online.

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  1. Are there any scholarships available to rising Fall 2012 medical students merit based, etc.?

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