Blick Scholars program appoints six

In the competitive world of grants and public funding, research scientists are all too familiar with dwindling financial resources and growing laboratory needs. For six scientists on the MCV Campus, however, the future just got a little brighter. All because of the quality of care provided at the VCU Medical Center.

For those living in rural communities, it’s not unusual to visit urban areas for medical care. So it was for Lavinia and George Blick who lived in Rawlings, Va., where she was a homemaker and he worked as a mail carrier, country store owner and farmer during the course of their long life together.

Mrs. Blick developed a fondness for MCV, later VCU Medical Center, where the couple received medical attention from time to time. Her father’s experience there, however, eventually led her to name the institution as a beneficiary in her estate plan.

As a widow with no children or close relatives, Mrs. Blick thought long and hard about her estate, said the couple’s longtime friend and attorney William Dudley Allen III.

“She decided to include the MCV Foundation in her will because her father had received such excellent care there,” Allen said.

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